Beyak should not be punished for demanding a broader perspective

The bad experiences at residential schools have been well documented. But we can't forget that there were good experiences as well

Beyak should not be punished for demanding a broader perspectiveSen. Lynn Beyak was finally expelled from the Conservative Party caucus because “she allowed” racist posts to be placed on her website. More significantly, she refused to remove the offending material when ordered to do so by the Conservative leader. I’m one of the people with an email message posted on her website. In the…

Are you gay?

When a personal question becomes a political issue – and hypocrites like Jason Kenney dare to suggest we infringe on the rights of others, including children

Are you gay?“Are you gay?” It was 1983 or so and my Carleton University journalism professor, Roger Bird, asked me if I was gay. I was surprised. “Is that an issue?” I asked him. “If you’re writing an investigative series about gay people in politics, I think it is,” Bird said and he was probably right, as…

Standing firm against a rising tide of anti-Semitism

The way to combat these racist abominations is to speak truth, and to speak it persistently in a loud and unified voice

Standing firm against a rising tide of anti-SemitismJust when we thought we had advanced as a society, putting disgraceful intolerance behind us and embracing and celebrating our ethnic diversity, we realize we still have a long way to go. The Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver received bomb threats on March 8 and March 12. These threats coincide with other anti-Semitic behaviour and…
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